Julian Buchwald | Seascapes

This expedition/adventure was all about the sea. Specifically the Northwest Passage. It should come as no surprise then that images of the sea form a large part of my work here. While it is difficult to really separate the land from the sea from the sky, I think the images can be divided nicely into groups which feature one of them as the primary element. Hence, seascapes are images in which the sea is the centre of attention...
Beechy IslandNorthwest-Passage-2015-7382-3-Edit-14x10-printNorthwest-Passage-2015-7403-3-Edit-14x10-printNorthwest-Passage-2015-7794-3-Edit-14x10-printNorthwest-Passage-2015-3911-EditNorthwest-Passage-2015-7165-2-Edit-2Northwest-Passage-2015-9073-2-Edit-EditNorthwest-Passage-2015-9215-2-Edit-6x9Northwest-Passage-2015-9240-2-EditNorthwest-Passage-2015-9390-2-Edit-5x7Northwest-Passage-2015-9415-2-Edit